Eric Pagsanjan

SneakerHeroes | South Loop School


SneakerHeroes: ‘South Loop Elementary School’

On June 18th, I visited my good friend Kevin’s CPS class at South Loop Elementary School. I started this SneakerHeroes Project about a year and a half ago and was able to raise over $3k by selling my art and doing art gallery shows. With the money I was able to raise I wanted to give it all back to the community and share my story with students to help show them that art can be powerful.



Weeks before visiting the school, I had the students do a quick art assignment. I planned on using the money I raised to donate sneakers and art supplies to the students. In order to get the students excited for my visit and to get their shoe sizes I had them do a coloring book activity of the ‘CHANCE’ poster I made.



I worked with a few retailers that I admire. Retailers that actively do great things for the community of Chicago. I partnered up with Notre Shop in the West Loop and Top Drawer Shop in Wicker Park to donate sneakers and art supplies.


‘Art Session’

I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t just giving a presentation about my work and what I do as a profession, I wanted to make sure it was an interactive experience and walk around to get to know the students.



After the art session, I surprised the students by donating
25 pairs of sneakers and gave away 30 posters.